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Air-to-Air Intercooler System for JR Superchargers by Track Dog Racing™

There is a myth that superchargers can't use Air-to-Air intercoolers since they can't offset pressure losses due to piping and intercooler volume. However, superchargers have the advantage of providing instant boost and increase boost as the RPM increases. Pressure drop is negligible and the substantial cooling benefit of an Air-to-Air intercooler offsets any losses in boost levels by allowing your supercharger to work more efficiently. With cooler, denser intake air, timing retarding is reduced, producing even more horsepower. Since forced induction by nature produces extra heat, efficient cooling is critical to ensure maximum performance.

Some features and benefits:

  • Highest Quality Components
  • All-Aluminum core - 16" W x 8" H x 3" D
  • 304 Stainless Steel Piping - Brushed Finish
  • Powder-Coated Aluminum Radiator Cover
  • Three-ply silicon hoses
  • Typical efficiency about 80-85%†
  • Designed for the least amount of pressure drop
  • Plastic panels that enlarge the radiator shroud area
  • Cooler air reduces chances of detonation
  • More timing (less retard) can be added, producing more horsepower
  • More boost can be safely added
  • No maintenance
  • Simple installation

† Efficiency based on (Air exiting the compressor minus air exiting the intercooler) divided by (Air exiting the compressor minus ambient air). Example of Air-to-Air: 300F - 115F / 300F - 80F = .84 = 84% efficiency. Example of W/A: 250F - 180F / 250F - 80F = .41 = 41% efficiency.

Part #PriceDescriptionApplicationQty
904-282 $895.99
Air to Air Intercooler for Jackson Racing M45 Supercharger by Track Dog Racing
99-05 JR 45 Supercharged 1
904-286 $895.99
Air to Air Intercooler for Moss Motors MP62 Supercharger by Track Dog Racing
99-05 MP62 Supercharged 1

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