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Available Dyno Charts*
95 Civic EX
96 Civic EX
99 Civic EX
99 Civic SI
03 Civic SI Race Header
03 Civic SI Street Supercharger
03 Civic SI Race Supercharger
99 CRV
Civic CX,DX,LX
89 CRX
99 Prelude Dyno 1
99 Prelude Dyno 2
99 Prelude Dyno 3
99 Prelude with VPAC
RSX 'S' Street Supercharger

RSX 'S' Race Supercharger

Integra GS/LS/RS

Integra GSR
Type R
RSX Type S Header
91 Miata
94 Miata
99 Miata
02 Miata
2000 Focus

2002 Focus SVT
*These results are representative, and not a guarantee of performance. Owing to variations in engine condition, additional optional equipment and installation, your results may vary.

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